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About Us

You may or may not know what we do at BATC-Housing First Minnesota. In a nutshell, we are the people working behind the scenes to help maintain the health of our vital industry. As part of our mission, we are working to connect industry professionals across the state with our Advocate Program. I'm sure you have seen how well nurses and teachers come together to speak up for their industries at the Capitol. We are pulling together the building industry so that we can all spring into action when important issues come to light.


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Advocate Program

With no pressure to take part, we invite you to come to the BATC-Housing First Minnesota booth during BRS and talk to Kristina Mahler, our Membership Director, about getting involved as an Advocate.

The Advocate program is for industry professionals who are not interested in a full membership, but have a strong interest in the health of the building industry and the issues challenging that health. For just $30 per year, you can join this movement.


Join as an Advocate

Not only is this an inexpensive program to join, BUT if you join at BRS (or by midnight on show day), you will automatically be sent a $20 Cabela's Gift Card, receive a ticket for a beer on us (at the show only) and be entered to win one of three DeWalt Jobsite Radios! This promo is crazy. With the gift card and beer ticket, you are basically even with your investment. Throw in the chance to win one of three $190 DeWalt radios and you can't go wrong!



Come see Kristina at the BATC-Housing First Minnesota booth! Right in the center of the show- you can't miss us!