How do I book online? Click on the booth you want and continue to the checkout page. Review your selected booth(s), and checkout.

Can I purchase two booths next to each other to make a larger booth? Not online, if you find two adjacent booths you’d like, contact exhibit sales consultant Emily Youngs, emily@batc.org and request the two (or more booths) be reconfigured so you can get the bulk booth discount.

Can I pay by check? Not online.  If you need to pay by check, contact exhibit sales consultant Emily Youngs, emily@batc.org and request an electronic copy of the booth contract that you can print and mail in with a check.  Keep in mind the booths you select at the time of mailing may not be available when the contract/check is received and processed.

How much will it cost to book my booth? It depends on the booth you select. The interactive floor plan will show how much each booth is. Booth space will not be held or assignments made unless the $200 deposit is received. You have the option to pay for the entire booth at the time of booking, or pay $200 now with the balance due January 1, 2020.

When is the balance due? Balances are due January 1, 2020. If you book and pay online and have an open balance, you will receive an email ‘Payment Request From: Builders & Remodelers Show 2020’ with a link to pay your open balance around December 1, 2019.

What if I lost my receipt—how do I get another one? Since online booking and payment is part of the interactive floorplan software, request a receipt by emailing contact exhibit sales consultant Emily Youngs, emily@batc.org.  You’ll receive an email update of your order confirmation which will include a payments section that shows the date(s) and payment amount(s).

How do I know if my order went through? You’ll receive a confirmation message online and a confirmation email including the booth number you selected.

Can I see where my competition is? Yes, you can view Exhibitors name or do a search by product or service (by keyword, if they did not supply keyword(s), they will not show up in the search. If they have booked a booth it will be displayed in the search results.

Is there an online directory of products/services? Yes, there are 25 different categories you can select during the online booth booking. You can also highlight your products and services by using key words supplied at the time of booth booking. It is recommended to use key-words so your listing will be displayed in the search results.  There is no limit to the number of categories you can select. 

Can I list any new products/services that I’ll display at the show? Yes! Complete the additional questions under the Exhibitor Profile section during online checkout when booking your booth. You MUST supply a description of your new product/service to be considered for the ‘New Reveal.’ For even greater visibility, be sure to use the key word ‘new’ in the keyword section when booking your booth online) so you show up in the search results.

Can I make changes to my order, description or logo? You can make edits to everything but your booth location/number.  If you need assistance making an update made, send your request to contact exhibit sales consultant Emily Youngs, emily@batc.org.