Connect with over 1,000 builders, remodelers & interior designers...and have fun doing it!


Who Exhibits?

It’s All About Business Development. 

1–3pm: Exhibitors are welcome to come before the show to take advantage of educational offerings that are sure to enhance and strengthen your business. 

2–8pm: The show floor opens. Join more than 225 exhibit booths to reconnect with current customers and tell your story to prospective customers.

Any company that provides products or services to Minnesota’s residential construction industry will find BRS of value. 

2016 Exhibitors included: 232 Companies, 293 10x10 Booths

You must be a current BATC member to exhibit at BRS.
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Who Comes?

  • Builders & Remodelers
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Building Officials

83% of attendees have purchasing authority for their company, and 63% of attendees are in an executive level position.

You need to be at this event because your competitors are! In this growing economy you can’t afford to miss a great marketing opportunity like this.


Why Do They Come?

  • 99% of our builders, remodelers, architects and interior designers tell us they come to the Builders & Remodelers Show to see new products & services.
  • 96% come for the industry connections.
  • 75% say they come because it’s just plain fun.
  • 75% of attendees are very likely to recommend BRS to a friend in the industry.
  • 72% of 2016 attendees planned to make a purchase within the next 12 months.


New Reveal in 2017: Products & Services

Attendees are looking for the hottest new products & services, so make sure you stand out from the crowd. Here’s where you can introduce what’s new while maximizing interest in your company.

  • Tell us what you’re displaying that is ‘new’ and we’ll feature you in the New Reveal for 2017. To participate, complete the additional booth options section during online checkout when booking your booth. Check the box and type in a description of your new product/service.
  • For even greater visibility, be sure to use the word ‘new’ in the Description of Products and Services (do this when you’re booking your booth online) so you show up in the search results.

Increase Your Visibility

  • Market your new product/service leading up to the show
  • Show or demo your new product/service in your booth
  • Display signage for your new product/service in your booth

BRS Will:

  • Feature a new product/service reveal page online at
  • Promote new products/services on social media, with #BRSnew
  • Recognize participating exhibitors in Show program
  • Provide an ‘It’s New’ flag to display in your booth at the show
  • Mention exhibitor and/or product/service in appropriate media releases and social media posts
  • Award an exhibitor with best new product/service at the 2017 Show. The winner will gain exposure on the BRS website and in the BATC Digest


Book Your Space Today.

BATC’s Builders & Remodelers Show is free to attend for regional builders, remodelers, architects and interior designers. That means there is no better chance to reach qualified prospects to grow your business.

This is where the industry professionals go to find out what’s new in the field of residential construction. They come looking for new products and services and to visit with exhibitors. Don’t miss this opportunity.

2016 Exhibitors Stats

  • 232 Companies
  • 293 10x10 Booths

2016 Attendee Stats

  • 996 Attendees Checked-In
  • 58% Builders
  • 32% Builders
  • 10% Other (Architects, Interior Designers, Students)

Attendee Changes in 2017

Show admission is still free for all attendees. Changed this year will be unlimited dinner passes to all BATC Builders, Remodelers, Architects and Interior Designers if pre-registered non-BATC members can join us for dinner at $20 a head. Walk-in attendees, dinner will cost $20 for BATC members and for non-BATC members. Exhibitors can choose to join dinner at $30 a person.

The quality of the attendees keeps getting better. By quality attendees, I mean decision makers coming to the show to gain information and make decisions.
— Bill Gschwind, Minnesota Construction Law Services, PLLC

Booth Pricing & Details

Booth Benefits

  • Booth Materials: Pipe and drape, booth frame and ID sign
  • Visibility to Attendees: Company listed in the BRS show program and interactive floor plan (be sure to upload your company logo)
  • Booth Personnel: Maximum of 4 personnel per 10x10 booth, 8 per 10x20 booth, or 12 per 10x30 booth or larger
  • *First Right of Refusal: 2016 exhibitors have first right of refusal for booth location until 10/31/16. Beginning 11/1/16, booth space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.



Use the "Early Bird" discount code (before 1/1/17) provided on the interactive floor plan during check-out to receive the discounted booth price.

10x10 ft. Booth: Early Bird: $620  //  Regular: $750
10x20 ft. Booth: Early Bird: $1,170  //  Regular: $1,420
10x30 ft. Booth: Early Bird: $1,745  //  Regular: $2,125
20x20 ft. Booth: Early Bird: $2,320  //  Regular: $2,825

Enhance your visibility on the floor with corner exposure: add $125 each corner.

Important Dates

First Right of Refusal Deadline (for 2016 exhibitors)
Monday, October 31, 2016
*2016 Exhibitors: click here to see your previous booth location

2017 Booth Sales Open (first come, first serve basis)
Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Early Bird Pricing Deadline
Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Theme: Fun in the Sun

Make a wave with this year’s BRS attendees by integrating the Fun in the Sun theme in your booth design. It gives the show consistency, and makes attending and exhibiting fun and exciting. 

Our judges will be touring the floor for best booth overall and best booth overall runner up, and best new product/service.  Booths need to draw in the audience and engage attendees. Use of the theme may help determine a winner. Games, giveaways and prizes at your booth are encouraged.


Don’t just think tropical, fun in the sun could  be anywhere! 

Luau, beach, sand, flip-flops, hang 10, aloha, tiki, picnic, BBQ, Martha’s Vineyard, Myrtle Beach, Jersey Shore, Up North, sailing, bonfire, amusement park, Adirondack chairs, ice cream, sunglasses, water park, beach blanket bingo.


FAQ for Online Booth Booking

How do I book online? Click on the booth you want and continue to the checkout page. Review your selected booth(s), and checkout.

Can I purchase two booths next to each other to make a larger booth? Yes, click on the booth you want, instead of continuing to the checkout page, click continue shopping to select another booth.

Can I pay by check? Yes you can, you can select your booth online and pay with an e-check.

How much will it cost to book my booth? It depends on the booth you select. The interactive floor plan will show how much each booth is. Booth space will not be held or assignments made unless the $200 deposit is received. You have the option to pay for the entire booth at the time of booking, or pay $200 now with the balance due March 1, 2017.

Can I use more than one discount code? Yes, if you have more than one discount code that is applicable. At checkout enter in the first discount code, wait for the program to update, then enter the next one.

When is the balance due? Balances are due March 1, 2017. If you book and pay online, the balance will be automatically charged on that date.

What if I lost my receipt—how do I get another one? Since online booking and payment is part of the interactive floorplan software, request a receipt directly from our provider here

How do I know if my order went through? You’ll receive an automatic email stating your application was submitted. Once your order has been reviewed by show management and approved, your payment will be processed and you’ll receive a receipt at that time.

Can I see where my competition is? Yes, you can conduct a search by Exhibitor name or by product. If they have booked a booth it will be displayed in the search results. Booths on ‘hold’ will not display which company they are reserved for.

Is there an online directory of products/services? No, there is no directory of pre-determined categories. You can highlight your products and services. It is recommended to use key-words in your description so your listing will be displayed in the search results.

Can I list any new products/services that I’ll display at the 2017 show? Yes! Complete the additional booth options section during online checkout when booking your booth. Check the box and type in a description of your new product/service.

For even greater visibility, be sure to use the word ‘new’ in the Description of Products and Services (do this when you’re booking your booth online) so you show up in the search results. 

Can I make changes to my order, description or logo? It depends. Once you book your booth you are not able to make a change to your order. For description of products and services and/or your logo, you will receive a username and password for the site so you can directly login and make changes.


Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Cancellation/Booth Size Reduction Policy
Liquidated damages will be charged per exhibit space to any exhibitor that cancels or reduces their booth size within the time periods. If payment has not been received at the “request to cancel” date, the exhibitor is still required to pay the balance in full. 

Time Period                         Liquidated Damages
11/30/2016 - 12/31/2016    50% refund of exhibit fees
1/1/2017 - 2/28/2017    25% refund of exhibit fees
On/after 3/1/2017    No refund 

Drawing Registration
If you plan to use a drawing for prizes during the Builders & Remodelers Show, you must register your drawing before the Show opens. Show Management must approve any and all drawings or contests conducted by an exhibitor. Such drawings or contests are subject to all laws and municipal restrictions. Prizes offered by exhibitors must be awarded within five business days of the show closing, and Show Management must be informed of the name, address, and phone number of all winners at that time. 

If contest entries will be used to generate contact lists, or if entrants will be contacted or solicited in any way by either mail or telephone, the entry blank must bear the disclaimer that contest or drawing participants will be contacted by mail and/or telephone to receive product or service information. 

Any individual, organization or company not complying with the preceding rules may be subject to contract termination or losing any future invitations to the Builders & Remodelers Show. 

The Drawing Registration Form will be available in the Exhibitor Information Packet.

Booth Contract
It is agreed that the space herein contracted for is subject to the following rules and regulations: 

The BRS Exhibiting Company must be a current member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC).  Show management may grant an exception to this rule.

The exhibiting company’s name shall be displayed as it is listed as it is in BATC’s membership records. 

Rental Charge: A $200 deposit must be received with the booth contract, it being understood that if not so paid, BATC may sell the space herein contracted for to another exhibitor. The remaining balance is due by March 1, 2017. Any check for space rental fees shall be made payable to Builders Association of the Twin Cities, 2960 Centre Pointe Drive, Roseville, MN 55113, phone 651-697-1954, fax 651-697-7599. 

Booth Inclusions: The rental charge includes the following for your booth: 

  • Pipe and drape booth frame and ID Sign 
  • Company listing in the BRS Show Program and interactive floor plan 
  • Opportunity to upload your logo to your company listing on the interactive floor plan 
  • Maximum: four booth personnel for a 10x10 booth, eight personnel for a 10x20 booth, 12 personnel for a 10x30 or larger booth. 
  • Booth Exclusions: The rental charge for your booth does not include: 
  • Electricity  
  • Tables/Chairs
  • Internet   
  • Carpet

Dinner: Dinners may be purchased at an additional expense. Even if your company/exhibit staff is/are a licensed contractor, the benefit of free dinners for BATC members is not valid for exhibitors. 

Subleasing: Exhibitors may not sublease their space. Sublease in this use includes renting, sharing, donating or in any way allowing another company or person to display or advertise in an exhibitor’s space.

Cancellations: Booths may be cancelled without charge by written notice to the BATC management provided that the notice is received by November 30, 2016. If space is cancelled after March 1, 2017, no return of payment will be made. It is agreed that if, for any cause which arises beyond the control of BATC, it becomes necessary to move an exhibitor to a different location, this will be made at the discretion of BATC. 

Limitation of Liability: No one under 18 years of age permitted on the show floor. Each exhibitor must make provision for the safe guarding of his/her goods, materials, equipment and display at all times, and wherever the same may be located within, on, or about the Exhibition Hall premises. Neither BATC, its subcontractors, or the Minneapolis Convention Center and the City of Minneapolis will be responsible for property damage or loss by, or for, any cause, and exhibitor hereby waives any right to claim liability against them for the same. 

The Exhibitor assumes full responsibility for property damage, personal injury, or death to any party by reason of Exhibitor’s participation in the exhibition, or convention activities, and Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold BATC, its subcontractors and the Minneapolis Convention Center and the City of Minneapolis harmless from all liability which might occur from any Act of God or any cause whatsoever arising out of the Exhibitor’s participation in the exhibition or in convention activities. BATC, its employees, subcontractors and Minneapolis Convention Center and the City of Minneapolis will not be liable for injuries to any person or for damages to property owned or controlled by exhibitor, which claims for damages or injuries may be incident to, arise from, or be in any way connected with Exhibitor’s occupation of display space, and the Exhibitors agrees to defend, indemnify and hold BATC, its subcontractors and Minneapolis Convention Center and the City of Minneapolis harmless against such claims. 

The Exhibitor expressly understands and agrees that the foregoing limitation of liability clause apply not only during the exhibit hours, but also at all other hours of the day for the period extending from the commencement of installation until the final removal of all Exhibitor’s property and personnel from the Exhibition Hall and to any latent contingent damage, injuries, or liability arising or discovered at a later date as the results of or arising out of exhibitor’s participation in the Exhibition. 

BATC, its employees, subcontractors or Minneapolis Convention Center and the City of Minneapolis will not be responsible to any degree whatsoever for any ill effects caused any person or group of person in attendance prior to, during, and after the close of the BATC BRS for any samples taken, or by other means given to them by the Exhibitor representative. 

Amendment to Rules: Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of the BATC Executive Board. These rules and regulations may be amended any time by the Executive Board and all amendments so made shall be dining on exhibitors equally with the foregoing rules and regulations. 



Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus

Download a PDF version of the Exhibitor Prospectus.


Exhibitor Marketing Kit

Booked your booth? Great! Now download our Exhibitor Marketing Kit for tips on how to market yourself during the weeks leading up to the event and to download the BRS Exhibitor logos.