Best Booth Overall

The booth needs to draw in an audience and engage attendees and can incorporate theme. Games, giveaways and prizes at your booth are encouraged; but remember they need to be registered with show management prior to BRS.  Best Booth Overall and Runner-Up will be awarded prior to the close of the show.

There is no need to enter Best Booth Overall as all exhibitors are automatically entered in the contests. Winners will be announced at the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Booth at the closing of the show.

The following criteria guides the selection of the best booth overall and runner-up.

Booth Design:

  • Use of color, lighting, imagery, size, shapes, scale and materials to grab attention

  • Integration of a theme and overall creativity displayed

  • Ease of access, navigation and overall use of floor space

  • Use of copy and signage to communicate company branding and product messaging

Product Merchandising/Demonstrations:

  • Quality and creativity of product display and merchandising

  • The display of the product/service is educational and informative

Exhibit Staff

  • Creativity and effectiveness of staff apparel

  • Staff posture, responsiveness and non-verbal communications

  • Staff friendliness and interaction with attendees

Best New Product/Service

BRS announces the Best New Product/Service prior to the conclusion of the show.  Exhibitors participating in the New Reveal will automatically be entered.


  • The product/service is either new (this type of product/service has never been offered) or has been significantly changed and would be deemed a game-changer in its product/service class.


  • The product/service will be well-used by the builder/remodeler in/for their business or the consumer in their daily lives.

Builder/Remodeler/Consumer Friendly:

  • The product/service will help the builder/remodeler solve a specific issue, help them add to their bottom line and/or help solve a specific problem for the consumer/will be a product/service that a consumer is excited about having in their home.

Good Design:

  • The product is well designed and is intelligently attractive for its purpose both environmentally and societally.